Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Team 4 go swimming

Team 4 are swimming at the moment! We are learning about water safety, particularly in rivers, oceans, and lakes. Here we are after learning about how to safely enter and exit a dinghy. As you can see from our faces, we found it pretty cool!


  1. Halo my name is Alipate and i like the way you split in to teams and i hope you could of showed told us how to be safe in a river and lakes

    1. Hi my name is Harlyn and i am from room 10.To be safe in the water when your about too drown in deep water with some people you should make a huddle if there is someone heart make sure they in the middle of the huddle.

  2. Hi pt England my name is Losaline I am a year 6 in room 3 at Wesley primary school.I really like the way how you learned how to swim It was really good nowing that you can swim.

  3. Aloha team 4, My name is Tufui and I am a student in room 3 at Wesley primary school. I really like the way you are learning how to be safe in the oceans and rivers. Maybe you could show us photos of you team 4 being safe in the water. here's our blog, www.wesleyprimary.school.nz