Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Making Compasses - Technology used for navigation

As part of our inquiry into changes in technology over time, we have been looking at navigation. This week, we began to look at the sun and shadows, and how they have been used for many years to tell the time and to understand direction.

We have also been reading about magnetic compasses and how they work. We followed some instructions to create our own working compasses. We checked our compasses out against an actual compass to see if the needles were pointing to north, and they were!

As we continue to read about different technology used for navigation, we will be creating DLOs (of our choice) to share our learning.


  1. Hi my name is Toeumu and I go to welsey primary school and I am a student in room three.I like how you got to share your navigation work with us good job.It reminds me when I did inquiry with my class.Next time you could do less pictures.

  2. Kia ora Room 10,
    What a great opportunity to find out more about navigation, compasses and the ways that our ancestors told the time and travelled before modern technology. It is great that you have experimented and created y our own magnetic compasses. I am sure you would all be able to teach me lots about traditional ways of navigating and telling the time. When I was in India I went to visit the worlds largest sun dial. It is 73 foot tall, made entirely out of stone and VERY precise. It is called Jantar Mantar if you want to google it and check out what it looks like. Have any of you seen a sun dial before?

  3. Hi there, my name is Sela and i am a year 6 student in room 3 at wesley primary school. I really like how you guys are making compasses. It made me think of a time when i was in kindergarten and we were making compasses i didn't really know what they were until they told me and also teach me how to pronounce it and i started to know what it was and how to say it. Have you thought about teaching putting some pictures on how you use compasses because some people might not know what compasses is. If you would like to see my learning here is my blog

    Blog you later!!!

  4. hello pt england school my name is simativa i am from
    i like the way you are being creative and making your own compass.
    i rember a time i made my own compass.
    mabey you could post a video of how it works.
    this is my blog

  5. Hi there. my name is Paula and i am a year 6 student in room 3 at WesleyPrimary school. I realy like how you guys were looking how to tell time time long ago. It made me think when we were learning about time and how to read time. Next time you might want to make a video how to do it.

  6. hi room 10 im viliami from Wesley primary school and i really like how you guys learn about technology navigation and i love doing technology to. you can vizit our blog and see out lytracy festival and its about doing some riddles too.

  7. Hi there my name is Sabrina and i am a student from Wesley primary school and i am a year 6.Wow like the photos you guys put up on your blog.Is this for your inquiry it reminds me of the time when we did technology for earthquakes.Maybe you could add some more writing on your blog.But really like it.It is amazing.Keep it up BE POSITIVE,THOUGHTFUL and also BE HELPFUL.!!!
    And never give upon each other.