Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Pisirina & Tuluinga - subtracting decimals

This week in maths, Pisirina and Tuluinga have shared some great learning on decimals and place value knowledge. Go to the last slide couple of slides to watch Pisirina's and Tuluinga's explanation of how to add/ subtract decimals.

To see more of Pisirina's learning, check out her blog.
To see more of Tuluinga's learning, check out her blog.

Their next step will be to think about any changes they need to make to their mathematical thinking. Can you give them any suggestions??


  1. wow thats cool keep up the good work

  2. Hi my name is Alisi and I go to Wesley Primary School I really liked the slides and how it explained it. This reminds me of when my group at my school did subtracting decimals. Maybe next time you could make the writing more simple. Come check out my blog at Blog You later!

  3. Haii there, my name is Sela and i am a year 6 student at wesley primary school. I really like ur post on subtracting decimals. it made me think of a time when i we kind of did the same thing but it was called sss. have you thought about adding more pictures. if you would like to see my learning you can go on this blog

    Blog You later!

  4. Hi i am Rishi from wesley primary really good slides i learned a lot i remember that once i did google slides like that maybe you could add some more detail

  5. Hi, there my name is Elizabeth and I am a student in room 3 Wesley primary school. I really like about this time you added more detail.I also really like you're screencastify of your slides you guy did. It made me think of a time when we did a slide and we screencastify it for sign language week. And I also like how you used the word on the other hand. Maybe next time you could add a little more detail of your work. But anyways well done.If you would like to visit my blog at

  6. Hi there my name is Luseane and i am a student in room 3 at wesley primary school.I really like how you added a slide.It reminded me of when i did my first blog post i don't know if you would like to check out my blog is