Thursday, 18 May 2017

Counter Catching Competition

This week for writing, we took part in a counter catching competition. The competition was to see who could catch the most counters off their elbow. There was a lot of excitement in this challenge and counters were flying everywhere! After we completed the challenge, we went back inside to write about the experience. Watch this space for some of our writing!


  1. awesome guys. I used to love playing that

  2. hi my name is anaseini. i really liked how you guys were challenging each other. I like doing that with my family but i mostly challenge my little brother. Maybe next time you could do a video of them and see who balances it on there elbows the longest.

    1. Hi Anaseini. that would be a great Idea we could also make it a little tricky by doing it on a windy day. Well we would have done a video but it was spitting and we didn't want to stay out there to long. I got up two eight coins how many did you get up to ?

      From Zaeeda :)
      Room 10

  3. Hi my name is Kotahi I am from Wesley primary school and I am a student in room 3 this I really like how You school can catch small things like counters and small objects.It made me think of school when we had to catch small objects like balls,pens and headphones.Have you thought about how had it is and how you took the photos.If you would like to see my learning copy this

  4. Hi my name is Toeumu and i like it how u guys were challenging each other and it reminds me when i did challenges with my class and family next time maybe you could do a video of doing the challenge.

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  6. malo aupito hi pt england school i like the way you guys challenge yourselves i rember a time when i done a simallar thing but i had to get a popsicle stick and i had to balance five mini dices.
    Any way i like the way you challenge your selves so it means your training your brain.
    Mabey you could put a video like she said at the top of my coment
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    make sure it's

    good job $