Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Holiday Blogging

Well done to our amazing holiday bloggers! We had a group of amazing bloggers throughout the holiday from team 4. Yesterday, prizes were given for:

- Audience appeal - Jahzara
- Quality commenting - Amelia
- Creative posts - Naomi
- Best comments - Hinerangi
- Most posts - Zaeeda

The five prize winners each won a chocolate bar and a pair of headphones. Zaeeda, from Room 10, won the award for the most blog posts. She posted 41 blog posts over the two week holiday period! Check out the blogs of these girls by clicking the links above. Awesome work!!

The team 4 holiday blogging prize winners


  1. A shout out to all the Holiday Bloggers. I hope you all got to enjoy your headphones as they really come in handy. The holiday bloggers are all girls. I wonder why that is? Anyway room 10 keep up the blogging action.

    1. Hi
      I was one of the bloggers that won headphones and yes they really do come in handy. well there was going to be one boy that would have a one a prize but he was just a few post behind the girls. Anyways Thanks for commenting

      From: Zaeeda room 10

  2. hi my name is Christina and i,m from Wesley primary school and i very like how all of you guys have got an a award ..... that is great and also you guys are in full uniform.... maybe next time you could tell what did you get or what did you feel when you won or tell as what you got ... i remember when i won a prize it was awesome ..... i bet you love your prizes