Thursday, 28 September 2017


Today we talked about being cybersmart in the holidays. We talked about the importance of having at least one adult who we can go to if we have any issues online. We went away in groups to come up with slogans about this. Here are the ones we came up with:

Monday, 11 September 2017

Film festival is fast approaching!

Where has this term gone!? Next Friday, our film festival movie is due in, and we have been very busy in Room 10 getting our filming done! This is not any Film Festival we are preparing for. This is the 10th annual Manaiakalani Film Festival! Wow!! We would love to tell you what our film is about, but that would ruin the surprise! To keep you guessing, here are some (not very helpful) hints...

Hints: blue screening, camera shots involving lots of Room 10 students!

To find out what our movie is about, you will have to wait until Wednesday 8th November!

Tongan Language Week

Malo e lelei! Last week was Tongan Language week. The children from Rooms 9 and 10 went around the school to share some Tongan phrases. Do you know Tongan? Can you teach some of these phrases to your friends?