Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Kia pai te kotahi artwork 2

This week, room 10 did some collaborative artwork. We were each given a little square which was one part of a bigger artwork. Some examples of the little squares were:

We each worked on our square. We then put them together to create the final piece of artwork. As we put the pieces together, we realised that the artwork was the Manaiakalani logo!

Here is our abstract version of the Manaiakalani logo which we created!

We realised that it was quite tricky to enlarge each piece so that all the pieces fitted together. We can be thinking more about how we can use our knowledge of fractions to help us do this better next time. It was also challenging to choose the correct colours to blend together.

Even so, we were pretty happy with our modern take on the Manaiakalani logo! What do you think?

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Kia pai te kotahi Artwork

This term, we made a 'Kia pai te kotahi - better together' banner to hang up in our classroom. We were each given a letter which we had to colour in. We then had to decorate around the letter in any way we wanted, to represent us. The artwork was only completed because EVERYONE in Ako 3 contributed.

The artwork is so big it is difficult to get it all into one photo! It is also double sided! Here are some photos of us admiring our amazing artwork!