Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Making Strutes

What are strutes, you may ask? Well! They are little woodwind instruments made out of straws! A woodwind instrument is a musical instrument which requires air to create a sound. To make the strutes, we had to cut one end of the straw into a triangle. This created our mouth piece (with a reed). We then blew into the mouthpiece to create a sound!

We could  change the pitch by moving our fingers over little holes cut into the side of a straw. We could create a higher pitch by cutting a straw shorter, and a lower pitch by leaving the straw longer.

Here is Zaeeda's writing about creating Strutes.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Film Festival Movie: Electric Adventure

Do we have the story to tell you! At Pt England School, we have found a way of getting inside chrome books! One of our friends found out the hard way, and we spent a long time getting her out! Join us on our Electric Adventure!

This is Room 10's entry into the 10th Annual Manaiakalani Film Festival, 2017. Check out other films from the film festival, here.