Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Rooms 9 and 10 Korowai

At the beginning of term 1, we created a Korowai for our shared space. Each of us used blending with oil pastels to create at least one feather, and then wrote our names onto a coloured feather. We then put all of these feathers together to create this beautiful Korowai. When we created our Korowai, we came up with five expectations for our learning space. We expect that everyone will show:

- Respect
- Support
- Responsibility
- Gratitude

Finally, we expect that everyone will work as a team.


  1. I love how you Created you Korowai it looks amazing and hard working.I Think you could have added some Maori words to make it shine.when I look at it it looks like a rainbow because it got lots of bright colours.from Nina.

  2. Hi rooms 9 and 10. I love the way you guys worked as a team to make this
    beautiful Maori Korowai. I also want to know what you guys wrote at the back. I also love the different beautiful bright colours you guys used.

  3. I love the way you created all those cool patterns. Also I would like to hear what you guys wrote behind the feathers. Also you should add some Maori words to speak about why you guys did this. This reminds me about the rainbow because all of the cool colors. By Madi

  4. I love the way you used all the different colours in your korowai. you guys did really well in making your feathers. this reminds me off one of the times were we made a korowai in year one with miss firesaff.

  5. I like the patterns you draw on your feathers maybe next time you can take photos of you making it and it reminds me when I was a year 1 when I did it in the library

  6. hi my name is Kauri, i love the way how you said stuff in Te reo Maori like korowai i really like it. you could make pictures about you guys making it. i remember when i was making are korowai with whaea Saff