Saturday, 18 February 2017

Creating through animations

This term, team 4 are creating animations of Māori myths and legends which have strong links with the environment. Learners can choose from either Rata and the Totara tree, Māui and the Sun, or Māui and the Giant Fish. In Creative Space with Mrs Lagitupu, we are developing our animating skills. We look forward to sharing some of our animations with you later in the term!


  1. Kia ora Room 10/Team 4,
    My name is Tania and I am one of the Manaiakalani Outreach Facilitators. I live in Whangarei, just a couple of hours North of where you live in Auckland. Have any of you ever been to Whangarei or the top of the North Island? I am lucky enough to be organising Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu so will be able to check out your blog regularly and leave you comments. I am most excited to read that you are going to be working on animations of Māori myths and legends this term. I can't wait to see your animations later in the term. You have some great choices to choose from. I think I would like to create an animation about Māui and the Sun. What programme are you using for your animation?

  2. hi my name is called simativa i am from wesleyprimaryschool i like the way you guys are talking about Maori people because anyway it is the first language of Aotearoa nz. this makes me think something similar that i done in my school but it dosent include animation and choosing stories.mabey next time you could mabey tell us more about what u are doing or show us a exsample of a work a person in the school.
    this is my class blog
    tips on how to coment make sure it thoughtfull,helpfull,postive.
    and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi my name is Toeumu and I am from Wesley primary in room 3 i love you'r strong learning links also good job next time you could make you'r picture bigger

  4. hi my name is nila i am from wesley primary school i like the way you talked about moari myths and legends this made me thik of when i did some moari work of myths and legends.maybe next time you could make a video showing us moari myths.

  5. hi my name is Christina i go to Wesley primary school i very like your leaning about animations.I remember when me and my class mates did a animations.maybe next time can you could take some photos of the leaning from the computer.Thank you for sharing you leaning with as.If you would like come and visit my class room blog Wesley primary school

  6. Hi Pt England it is me Losaline I am a year 6 in room 3 at wesley primary school. I really like your animation work about Rata and the Totara tree,Maui and the sun , and Maui and the Giant Fish. maybe next time you can make a video and share it with wesley primary school. If you will like to see my work my blog is

    Blog you later

  7. Hi my name is Anaseini,I'm a year 5 and i go to Wesley primary school. I'm in room 3 and i really like your photo's. it made me think of when my big brother Stanley took a photo of him in kindergarten going on a computer. Maybe next time you could take a photo of them setting up the computer.

  8. hi my name sela and i am a year 6 student in room at wesley primary school. i really like how you guys are doing animations. it made me think of the time my class last year did animations on the chromebooks im suprised you can do it on a computer. thank for sharing your learning with us. if you would like to visit my class blog go to
    blog you later.

  9. hi my name is Brendan i am a student in room 3 at wesley primary school i like the way you guys are doing moari animations . It made me think of when i did animations in another class but anyway i like your guys photos. Next time could you guys use more information about your animations.If you want to check out our blog visit wesley primary school room 3

  10. Hi my name is Simativa, I am from Wesley primary school. I like the way you guys use the Animation App to help you with your work.
    I remeber a time when we used the stop Animation App.
    I like the way you guys are talking about the Maoris. Anyway it is New Zealand first languge.
    Mabey you should show us one of your persons work when they have finished.
    But still I like the way u guys use the Animation App
    my class blog is:
    Make sure your coment is: