Monday, 4 December 2017

Term 4 PENN movie: Musical Madness

Last week Levonah, Zaeeda, Pisirina, and Toby created a movie about music. The music was made on garageband by Zaeeda, and the backdrop was drawn by Toby on hyperstudio. They had many challenges along the way which they solved as a team. Let’s see what they came up with!


  1. I really like your little quiz that you did it was funny.Jared Owairaka district school.

  2. I think the fanciest beat ever was better then the high note challenge.
    Well done to the person on the left for getting the answer right.
    From Joel at Owairaka School in Rm23

  3. Love the video hope it gets a lot of likes and comments. Blog ya later
    From Owairaka school.

  4. Hi room 10 my name is Mariah from Owairaka District School. I like this video because its funny and cool. I think I liked the high note challenge and the fanciest beat challenge, but I like the high note challenge more. If you would like to check out my blog heres the link to it -> See you later.